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Can Airbnb Host Weddings?

Airbnb began with three guys renting out air mattresses in their apartment for some extra cash. It is now a $31 billion-dollar company that basically consists of people renting out their homes to strangers, temporarily.

If you are thinking of renting an Airbnb for the honeymoon, you may want to consider an Airbnb for the wedding venue too. Depending on what sort of venue you have in mind, there are a variety of Airbnb destinations, both here and abroad that double as wedding venues. A bonus for those already planning a destination wedding is that many of these sites include enough room for some of your guests.

There is no limit to the potential places for your wedding once you peruse the Airbnb offerings. There are English Garden manors, rustic lake houses in Texas, villas in Athens and Tuscany, beachfront mansions in Mexico and even a tree sanctuary in Hawaii.

Another perk to using an Airbnb is that you aren’t bound by the strict timeline of a traditional wedding venue. You can keep the wedding celebration going as long as you like. Guests staying on the premises can quietly retire to their rooms whenever they feel like it without worrying about who will be driving or calling cabs or Ubers.

If you are curious about using an Airbnb for your wedding venue, we have some tips, tricks and things to consider.

Picking the Property

When it comes to finding a property on Airbnb, the process is as easy as any other shopping online. Go to In the search bar, type location and start and end date. You can also choose the number of guests, although there is a limit to the number you can select.

Under amenities, check suitable for events to filter out places where events are prohibited. You will also need to contact the host to make sure that having a wedding at the venue is permitted. Some hosts are wedding planners or can act as a day of event planner, which can be very helpful.

Check with the host about the practical aspects like how many people will comfortably fit for the event, tables and chairs, and if the kitchen is adequate for preparing food for an event. If you need catering, find out whether caterers will need a generator and if the refrigerator will be large enough to handle food for an event. If you have more guests than the venue accommodates, make sure there is somewhere relatively nearby for them to stay.

Ask things like room count and whether there are ceremony areas both indoors and outside. Many hosts are kind enough to provide dimensions for rooms or even tables. You can ask about the plumbing and number of restrooms because there can be an issue with a large group of people and older plumbing. Also, make sure that there are two separate areas for you each to get ready before the wedding.

Ask about fees because the fee listed on the site may not include some of the extras you are discussing, especially when it comes to having a wedding and potentially having the host act as a wedding planner.

Practical Considerations

Although it may be an added cost, it is a good idea to visit the venue before committing. Pictures can be deceiving in many ways, and you want to be sure you have the venue of your dreams. The style of the venue influences the wedding theme, so seeing it in person is important. The décor and location can also inspire you.

When visiting, you can also explore local fare and try to determine what vendors you might be interested in using if you do need other vendors. You can find nearby places that might offer unique photo opportunities. You can also check out some activities for you and your guests to enjoy during your stay.

Is there enough parking at the location? Is there transportation like cabs and Uber if it is needed. Some other tedious questions that may need to be answered are whether you are allowed to put up a tent on the property, move around furniture and things, what kind of dishes, plates and silverware they have (in case you need to furnish them yourself to coincide with your wedding style), noise ordinances and trash disposal.

It is probably a good idea to get vacation rental insurance and possibly catering insurance to cover any mishaps.

Who Stays to Play?

There are perks to staying alone as newlyweds, and there are perks to staying with your closest family and friends. If you stay alone, you get a romantic honeymoon before the wedding even begins. It can also alleviate stress to have privacy during this tender and important time.

However, if you stay with family and friends, it can make the experience have a sense of unity and community among you and your guests. This is a personal preference, and either way, it’s best decided by both partners.

If you have discussed the details and agree to the fees, it just might be time to book it. Make sure everything is understood. If your host is also your planner, set up regular calls to discuss ideas and send pictures of cakes, flowers and more, so they can find the appropriate vendors. Even if your host isn’t your planner, he or she probably knows plenty of local vendors and will likely be happy to make suggestions.

If your host isn’t your planner, it is a good idea to find a planner, even for smaller, quaint weddings. Wedding worries are best left to the professionals.

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