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Funeral Flowers and Their Meanings

There is more to sending flowers than the initial act. Have you ever asked yourself, “What do different types of funeral flowers mean?”

Different types of funeral flowers have all sorts of different meanings, but the act of giving flowers conveys purpose in and of itself. This meaning varies depending on the intended purpose and the flower species you choose. This is especially relevant to funeral flowers and their meanings. Consult with professional local florists for best-expressed meaning and design for any life event.

TOP Funeral Flowers (Based on Appearance)

Visually speaking, there are several floral varieties that are most popularly chosen, based on their appearance, for sympathy flower designs.

Tulips are one visually appeasing flower that is uniquely popular to show sympathy. They draw in the eye to bring comfort in a different sense. They are bright like the sun- delivering encouragement that sparks warm feelings. Although they have beautiful meanings, tulips are often chosen as sympathy flowers due to their bright exterior.

The rose is by far one of the most popular flowers all around for all types of occasions. It has a pleasant scent and is quite captivating in a visual sense. When having doubts about choosing a floral type, roses are a great choice. Diversify the meaning of sending sympathy roses by focusing on the color rose you choose. If you are sending roses or incorporating them into funeral flowers, white and crimson are good options- conveying reverence, innocence, or denote grief and sorrow.

Orchids are another visually beautiful and widely loved flower that doubles as a sympathy flower go to. An orchid’s meaning is steady across all events and even in sympathy designs. It says, “I will always love you.” That meaning impacts in the same way across all flower designs. This makes choosing orchids a no brainer for any important life event.

Some people prefer to focus on the overall look of their flowers- for any occasion. Understandably so, as the visual aspect of flowers is normally the priority on people’s minds. However, when it comes to funeral flowers, it is important to factor in etiquette. For many cultures, not all flowers are created equal.

TOP Funeral Flowers (Based on Meaning)

There is one sympathy flower that surpasses in all capacities when it comes to its popularity. The lily is the go-to flower for funerals and has a very distinct aroma. Its look is reserved yet elegant, and its meaning is reverent and beautiful. It suggests that the soul of the person passed has returned to a peaceful state of innocence, and in the Christian faith, some believe that the Virgin Mary’s tomb was covered in lilies.

Similar in species and nearly as popular is the peace lily plant. It is a symbol of innocence and rebirth for the departed soul to a better place. The plant is long-lasting and can be sent (and appreciated) anywhere- from an office, to a home, to the service.

Chrysanthemums are another popular sympathy flower. They are both full of beauty and meaning. Interestingly enough- chrysanthemums are used solely as funeral flowers or to be placed on graves in many European countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary and Croatia. The white mum is symbolic of grief in China, Japan and Korea, while the U.S. accepts and uses the mums in a variety of capacities.

Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers

Your local florist will be well informed on funeral flower etiquette. Unlike most life events, funeral flowers are hardly ever ordered in advance. However, your local florists should be well acquainted with the funeral homes in your area. They are bound to have much of the information you need even before you think of getting it.

If it is possible, it is best to get as much of the funeral and family information you can ahead of time, so you will be able to communicate the personal touches that you are looking for. Your local florist is there to help accommodate, especially during such hard times.

Who Sends What Based on Relationship

If you are an immediate family member, the most appropriate funeral flower style is a casket spray or a wreath. Be sure to communicate with other members of the immediate family to ensure there is no confusion on who is getting what. If you are still uncertain, talk with your local florist, as you all could be using the same one. If so, they can help coordinate.

Extended family members- it is best to send a standing spray or an informal arrangement when choosing funeral or sympathy flowers. A casket spray is best left to immediate family.

If you are a friend, coworker or acquaintance of the departed, consider sending a flowering plant, a basket or a vase arrangement. If you know specific details about the family’s floral preference or know specific details about the person that has passed, communicate that to your florist. They are there to help create something beautiful and meaningful.

Determine the Details

From what different types of funeral flowers mean to what color flowers are proper for a funeral, if you are completely uncertain as to what is appropriate or which funeral flowers and their meaning is most appropriate, don’t stress. You are far from alone.

Types of funeral flowers and funeral flower meanings are two specifics that a person wants to be the least familiar with, as they are associated with hard and often devastating times. Your florist understands the sensitivity that comes with giving or sending funeral flowers. Let us help bear the burden.

Finding those more specific details for sympathy flowers, such as fall funeral flowers’ meaning, can fall on your preferred local florist. While the look of your funeral flowers is very important, it is equally, if not even more important, to send the flowers that are most proper.

Let our team of experts at David's Flowers serving areas around Oklahoma City, OK be there to make sure that the sympathy flowers you are sending are a beautiful representation of how you feel.

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